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Friday, February 20, 2015  
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  Solar Power, Inc.
Company Information
Solar Power, Inc.
Symbol: SOPW
Exchange: OTC:BB
Sector: Solar
Share Related
S/O: 37,655,325
Float: NA
52 Wk: .05 - $1.25
Recent: .05
Contact Information
Contact: Mike Anderson
Phone: 916-745-0916
Fax: NA
E-mail: Click Here

Company Profile

The Company

Solar Power, Inc. (SPI) is a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of photovoltaic solar power solutions that deliver reliable and efficient alternative means of electricity. SPI provides its own unique brand of turnkey solar power solutions to commercial and public sector customers across the United States. SPI's wholly owned subsidiary, Yes! Solar Solutions™, serves the growing needs of the residential and small business market segments through a growing retail distribution and sales network .

Energy for Life

U.S. based, SPI owns and operates its own ISO 9001 manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. SPI designs, and manufactures its own line of high-quality solar modules and mounting and balancing systems. The Company also designs and installs complete systems featuring its unique brand of components that have been engineered to work optimally with together in a variety of system types. All SPI systems are seamless solutions designed to meet the most demanding requirements while delivering highly efficient electric output and a lifetime of superior performance.

In addition to advanced designs in photovoltaic solar power components and systems, SPI offers a lifetime of support for each system it produces. From financing options to design and installation services, maintenance programs and repair services, SPI is a vertically integrated, turnkey solar solutions provider to a large base of U.S. commercial customers.

Each system installation the Company executes begins with engineered drawings drafted to match the system to both the energy requirements of the customer and the physical requirements of the site. Regardless of scale or scope, the Company's design, engineering and installation teams have the skills and experience to ensure a timely and successful load balancing and installation of each system we deploy. Once installed, SPI makes sure that its customers receive the rebates and credits they are entitled to. Additionally, where applicable, SPI carries state rebates for its customers, deducting them from the system cost and reducing initial outlays.

SPI systems are designed to meet a variety of energy demands. From residential systems sold through its growing network of Yes! energy outlets for virtually any home size, to commercial systems designed to match the needs of businesses, to systems capable of powering entire communities, SPI offers a wide variety of turnkey solutions using an optimum mix of SPI components and technical expertise to meet specific energy requirements and financial objectives.

Lifetime System Support

Maintenance agreements are also available through SPI to ensure that each SPI system's optimal performance continues throughout its lifetime. In addition to regular inspections, SPI maintenance agreements ensure that as advances in technology occur, its customers are among the very first to be offered the upgrades that will allow them to take advantage of system performance enhancements.


Solar Panels

Manufactured, assembled and tested in the Company's own ISO 9001 facility, the SP Series solar modules feature one of the highest grade photovoltaic (PV) cells available. SPI's modules come in ranges of varying power densities – all of them designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding power systems. PV cells are subjected to rigorous testing to verify performance and integrity before being assembled into a module, and SPI's modules are designed to optimize performance and to maximize use of today’s limited silicon supply. Every SP Series solar module is UL listed and carries a 20-year limited warranty.

Built to Last

SP Series solar modules are designed to withstand harsh environments and extreme operating conditions. All models are tested to ensure continuous performance under extreme conditions:

- Repetitive cycling between -40°F and 194°F at 85% relative humidity
- Simulated impact of 2" hail at 72 mph.
- Damp heat tested for 240 hours with exposure to 185°F and 85% relative humidity

SP Series Solar Module SP200

TheSP200 utilizes 6" silicon cells to optimize performance and has been engineered to achieve higher output with fewer modules in a single array. Like all of our modules, the SP200 carries one of the highest energy output classes in the industry and has standard features that ensure long life and consistent performance. The SP200 utilizes a white back sheet, making it ideal for hot climates. Its sleek, silver on white color scheme provide an aesthetic quality that makes it easy to blend into many roof styles. Like all of SPI's SP Series solar modules, bypass diodes are standard on the SP200 in order to minimize power drop caused by shading, and ensure consistently higher energy yields with superior year-round performance.

SP Series Solar Module SP170

SPI's SP170 modules are designed to maximize a PV system’s total power output. The SP170 features a white back sheet making it ideal for warmer climates. The white back sheet allows the module to maintain relatively cool temperatures throughout the hottest months, ensuring maximum efficiency and power output. Like all of SPI's modules, the SP170 carries one of the highest energy output classes in the industry and has unique standard features to ensure long life and consistent performance. Bypass diodes are standard and serve to minimize power drop caused by shading, ensuring consistently higher energy yields and superior year-round performance.

Commercial Solutions

Solar Power, Inc.'s commercial efforts focus on medium to large-size commercial applications for both retrofit and new construction projects. This includes national and regional production home builders, large commercial enterprises and public sector works at federal, state and county levels. SPI is currently designing and installing systems in each of these categories.

In combination with our growing retail franchise, SPI is developing a recognizable brand presence in the United States while helping to dramatically increase the adoption rate of solar across all market segments.

SPI offers a variety of financing tools to support our client's ability to put photovoltaic solutions into action. The offering includes:

- Power Purchase Agreements
- Lease Financing
- Traditional Debt Financing

SPI has the flexibility and capability of developing a solution that makes solar affordable across the national marketplace


Stephen C. Kircher - CEO

Stephen C. Kircher, founder and Chairman of our Board of Directors, has served as our CEO since the company’s inception in 2006. Prior to forming SPI, Mr. Kircher served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of International DisplayWorks, Inc. from July 2001 until December 2004, and then as a consultant to the company until April 2006. Mr. Kircher has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, San Diego. In addition to his duties as chairman and CEO of SPI, Mr. Kircher also serves as a director for JM Dutton & Associates.

Jeff Winzeler - CFO

Jeff Winzeler joined Solar Power, Inc. in January 2007 to form our franchise subsidiary and operations. Previously Mr. Winzeler served as International DisplayWorks, Inc.'s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer from January 2005 until January 2007. For 17 years prior to International DisplayWorks, Inc., he served as Group Controller for Intel Corporation in Folsom, California, where he was responsible for all fiscal aspects of the $2 billion Flash memory division, the Controller for the Penang, Malaysia-based Worldwide Assembly division, where he served as manufacturing controller, as controller at Intel’s largest eight-inch wafer manufacturing facility and as operations controller for facilities in Jerusalem and Haifa, Israel. Mr. Winzeler is a graduate of the University of Idaho where he majored in Finance.

Bradley Ferrell - CSO

Bradley Ferrell has served as our Chief Sales Officer since August, 2006. Previously, Mr. Ferrell was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for International DisplayWorks, Inc. (IDW). In this role, he directed worldwide sales where he grew revenue from $10 million in 2001 to over $100 million in FY 2006. Mr. Ferrell began working for IDW in 2001 as a Production Coordinator with the primary focus on Hong Kong and China operations. In 2002, he was appointed Domestic Sales Manager. Prior to joining IDW, Mr. Ferrell worked as an analyst in the technology sector of a brokerage firm. Mr. Ferrell received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Southern Methodist University.

Eric Hafter - President of SPI Commercial

Eric Hafter is President of SPI’s commercial construction division. For over 25 years, Eric has provided leadership and results in developing large scale renewable energy and commercial property projects. Previously, Eric served for over ten years on the PowerLight Corporation Board of Directors. In 2004, Eric joined PowerLight''s Senior Management Team as General Manager for European Operations where he initiated PowerLight''s market entry and ensured its success in the world''s leading solar energy markets of Germany and Southern Europe. Eric managed the formation of PowerLight''s European subsidiary and held full P&L; responsibility for planning and management of all business operations.

Todd Lindstrom - President of Yes! Solar Solutions

Todd brings over 18 years of experience in construction and construction related industries to Yes! Solar, Inc. From 2001 to 2005, Mr. Lindstrom was directly involved in the development and financing of over $80 million of photovoltaic solar projects for commercial, residential and government clients throughout California. From 2004 to 2005, Mr. Lindstrom was the Vice President of Sun Power and Geothermal Energy. From 2001 to 2003, he served as Vice President of the Electric and Gas Industry Association. From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Lindstrom worked nationally as Vice President of Dealer Relations for Prior to that he was a franchisee of Floor Coverings International (FCI). Mr. Lindstrom is an alumnus of California State University, Sacramento where he focused on Marketing and Public Relations.

Jack Patton - Chief Technology Officer

Jack Patton serves as Solar Power Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer and has over 36 years experience in Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering and Research and Development. Prior to joining Solar Power Inc., Mr. Patton was a consultant in the solar PV industry, Vice President of Technology Development at International DisplayWorks, President of Patton Engineering Inc., and Director of Engineering at Cybernex Corporation. Mr. Patton has also had engineering and management positions for Storage Technology, Hewlett Packard, General Electric, and IBM. Mr. Patton received a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.

Robert Wood - Chief Information Officer

Robert is the Chief Information Officer with Solar Power, Inc., where he oversees and manages the organization’s information technology initiatives including new product design, development, and operations strategies. Previously, Robert was one of the principle founders of Calnet Business Bank and served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the Bank, where he oversaw the bank’s technology development and strategic initiatives. As one of the founding members, Robert worked on the bank since its conception in early 2000, performing strategic consulting services to the pre-incorporation organization. Prior to Calnet Business bank, Robert was the Senior Vice President and Director of Technology for River City Bank where he led the technology efforts of the bank and designed and built a number of banking systems including the bank’s treasury management system.

Manufacturing Facility

Solar Power, Inc's manufacturing facility specializes in providing its customers with high-quality products. SPI's manufacturing operation allows the Company to provide products at a competitive price, while maintaining a high quality level consistent with its ISO certification. In addition to manufacturing solar modules, the SPI facility also serves as an international base for the design assembly and distribution of complete systems for SPI’s growing Yes! Solar Solutions retail franchise network and a rapidly growing base of installers and distributers around the world.

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