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Friday, February 20, 2015  
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What a difference a day makes
by Dave Reiner
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The other day I saw a youtube video about a homeless guy that was panhandling along Ohioís I-71. He was holding a sign that stated he had "the God-given gift of voice." The gentlemanís name is Ted Williams and he did indeed have a gifted voice as seen in the video. Apparently Mr. Williams was an ex-radio announcer who had fallen on hard times, and literally a day after I saw his video, there he was on national tv with a new haircut and even job offers.

I love stories like this because this gives us a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and shows us there is hope even in the worst of times. Here was this guy who hit rock bottom and still managed to be joyful just standing on the side of the road doing voice over bits to people passing by for a buck. And when you see Mr. Williams on the CBS Morning Show clip, you can see how appreciative he is of all the job offers heís received. Itís really a great story.

So if trading has got you down on a particular day, grab your pants, cinch em up and get ready for a new day, because who knows what tomorrow holds. Better yet, if you can, donít get into a position where you have to pick yourself up off the ground and cinch your pants up. (see my last article). But we invariably all have a bad day now and then, and when I do, I will think of Mr. Williamsís story.

Another thing that occurred to me while watching Ted Williamsí story is that this guy probably spent hours and hours sending out resumes to companies and applying for jobs online before he was homeless. This job market is the worst we have seen in a long time, so if you want to get a job, forget the online job applications and go make a video; go do something that will catch peopleís attention (legally and in a good way of course). In an instant, some free Internet exposure changed Mr. Williamsí life forever! Bravo Mr. Williams! We all look forward to seeing your future success!
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