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Friday, February 20, 2015  
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Trading With
by Dave Reiner
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

HFBG - here’s one I traded a few years back. I actually made money trading this stock initially, but subsequent trades were unsuccessful, due to the dilution I was witnessing with this stock. Overall, I made money, but only because I was able to catch on to the dilution early. These companies on the pink sheets are just in the early stage in its life cycle - a stage where funding is scarce and they have to sell common stock at unfavorable prices and/or take on debt (sometimes convertible debt which can be converted into common shares at an agreed price). Most established companies that you see trading on exchanges like NASDAQ or the NYSE, generally speaking, are already well capitalized so you don’t have to worry about the dilution risk as much. So when speculating on pink sheet or otc:bb stocks, its imperative to keep a close eye on how these early stage companies are financing growth.

Today, Hall of Fame Beverages (Pink Sheets:HFBG) announced that it completed final negotiations for distribution with one of the "most respected and accomplished national marketers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic related products in North America." () Unfortunately, the company also increased its authorized shares today from 2,670,000,000 to 4,700,000,000. ( (traders that bought the stock at the open of the market today probably were not happy with the timing of this filing ).

Traders that didn’t closely follow the HFBG’s corporate filings with the Nevada Secretary of State today got a nasty surprise. The stock traded to a high of .0012 this morning on the news, but shortly after, the stock started plummeting (likely due to some traders catching on about the filing), hitting a low of .0004. This is just one of many examples I see all the time in the microcap market where you really have to do homework on the stocks you trade. If you enter a trade and haven’t done the necessary due diligence before the purchase due to a fast-moving market, just take a few minutes after your trade to check a company’s filings, call their transfer agent, and check out their filings with the secretary of state where the company is domiciled. Just a few minutes of due diligence can save you thousands of dollars .

I’m not trying to diminish the accomplishments of HFBG - they seem like they are genuinely trying to build a company here, and I think they have some interesting looking products. This is just one of many companies trying to build something real and having a challenging time with financing. Its just a fact of life in the otc market, so as traders, we just need have sufficient awareness about the stocks we trade.
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